Migrate To Canada: 5 Easy Ways To Get Canada Travel Visa


Migrate To Canada: 5 Easy Ways To Get Canada Travel Visa

Do you want to migrate to Canada this year? Are you a skilled or unskilled worker looking for various ways to move to Canada?

Are you an entrepreneur/investor attempting to go into a business in Canada, a competent worker, or student planning to work or study or reunite with your family in Canada?

Whatever your immigration objectives are, there are many immigration programs offered from the Canadian government that could possibly satisfy your immigration objectives.

The following are the 7 fastest immigration pathways to Canada;

1. Canadian Experience Class
2. Quebec Entrepreneur or Investor
3. Start-up Visa program
4. Provincial Nominee Program
5. Federal Skilled Worker Program
6. Live-in Caregivers
7. Family Class Sponsorship

1. Canadian Experience Class

This immigration pathway is ideal for immigrants with Canadian work experience and who've got the interest to stay permanently in Canada.

Originating in 1st January 2015, applicants really need to submit their expression of interest by registering via the Express Entry System and must:

-have at any rate 1 year or full-time Canadian work experience (or part-time equivalent) with legal authorization with the government over the last a couple of years before submitting an application.
-Intend to reside in outside Quebec
-have the required language ability.

2. Quebec Entrepreneur or Investor

This immigration stream is ideal for immigrants ( foreign investors or entrepreneurs) who've expressed the interest to startup a business in the province of Quebec. To qualify for this this immigration pathway, applicants must:

-express interest in Quebec
-have investment capital of CDN $800,000 for investors and CDN $300,000 for entrepreneurs.

3. Start-up Visa program

This immigration pathway is ideal for foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen who've expressed interest to start up a business in Canada.

To qualify for this this immigration pathway, applicants need to achieve following:

*sufficient vocabulary skills: applicants have to have sufficient vocabulary skills to speak in French or English, that is at least 5 CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark).

*Support using a designated organization: The support could be from angel investors groups, designated venture capital funds, or designated business incubators. You will definitely have to make contact with these organizations to gauge your enterprise proposals and subsequently provide letter of support.

*settlement funds: one should show evidence of sufficient funds to spark up a business in Canada. A required minimum investment capital of CDN $200,000 if at all using a designated Canadian venture capital fund and CDN $75,000 with the designated Canadian investor group.

4. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Each Canadian territory or province has different immigration streams designed to a target specific foreigners.

To qualify for PNP, applicants must fulfill the province's eligibility criteria and must mean to reside in your chosen territory or province.

5. Federal Skilled Worker Program

This immigration stream is ideal for foreign skilled professionals with relatable work experience, and education who would like to permanently move to Canada. Eligibility in this immigration stream is based on satisfying the eligibility criteria, and applicants must apply via the Express Entry System. Application assessment depends on following:

  • Language proficiency (English/French)
  • Relatable work experience
  • Education
  • Age
  • Adaptability
  • Arranged employment.

6. Live-in Caregivers

Live-in caregivers get the chance of seeking Canadian permanent residency if the following eligibility criteria are met:

-have around 1-year full-time live-in employment
-acquired Canadian work experience within four time spent arriving in Canada.

7. Family Class Sponsorship

Through this immigration stream, Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their foreign relatives, spouses, or common-law partners to get Canadian permanent residents. .

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