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The UK visa enables you to enter the country, through the sea, land or air.  The possession of a visa means that you've fulfilled the requirements that the particular visa has.

This detailed article will assist you to understand the UK visa application process and procedures you need to through in order to getting a visa to the United Kingdom.

UK Visa Application Process

The UK visa application process and service you should use so that you can apply for a UK visa depends mostly on the visa type you should apply for. For anyone who is applying for a UK tourist or short stay visa you'll be ready your application here.

For every other type of visa, you'll have to use the online Visa4UK service, including study and work visas. For anyone who is applying initially you'll have to create an account. If you have already an account, just sign in and fill the areas with the required information.

To apply for UK visa you must go through these simple steps:

  1. Find out if you need a UK visa.
  2. Chose the right UK visa type.
  3. Complete the online application form.
  4. Collect the required documents for a UK visa application.
  5. Schedule a UK visa appointment.
  6. Attend the UK visa interview.

Find out if you need a UK visa

You may be exempt from the UK visa requirement, depending on your nationality. You will not have to apply for a UK visa prior to your trip to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, if you are:

  • An EEA citizen.
  • A Swiss citizen.
  • A Commonwealth citizen.

If you realize that you need a visa, then you can proceed with the other steps!

Choose the right UK visa type

A lot of the application process for a British visa, including the visa requirements, depends on your purpose of visiting the UK. Your purpose of travel to the UK determines which visa you need, which generally is the following:

  • UK Tourist Visa – for people that enter the UK to visit family or friends members, for holidays, business, private medical treatment, to get married, etc.
  • UK Transit Visa – if you need to give the UK in transit to another country.
  • UK Work Visa – for people who wish to get acquainted with paid activity in the UK.
  • UK Study Visa – for people who wish to journey to the UK to enroll at a study course/university. If your study is short-term you should apply for a UK short-term study visa. Whereas, when you need long-term permission in which to stay the UK, you should apply for a Tier 4 Visa.
  • Other visas – which include visas to set a business in the UK, visas to join someone you care about living in the UK

Complete the UK Visa online application form

Usually, the UK visa online application form contains questions on personal information as:

  • your name & surname.
  • nationality.
  • country of residence.
  • marital status.
  • personal number.
  • passport number.
  • reason for wishing to enter the UK.
  • other information about your application.

If the information in the application form doesn't comply with the information in the other required documents, your application will be rejected !

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